Initiate Arbitration Case against Department of Higher Education

How to start / Initiate Arbitration Case against Department of Higher Education?

Now a day there were several Incident happed with work Contractor/ EPC Contractor where during the Government work Contract work not completed due to several obstacle and dispute arose.

For, such dispute there is provision of Law where these type of dispute can be resolve under Madhya Pradesh Madhystham Adhikaran Adhiniyam 1983.

Sometimes due to Negligence and work pressure/ Force Measure/ or un-availability of Payment are the common reason for delay, Sometimes Department will take time for solve the dispute. In above such situation contractor or any aggrieved party will approach Arbitration Tribunal when he found reasonable grounds to register Case.

When Govt. Officer misuses his power for not solving the dispute then Contractor reach the Arbitration Case against such.

The contractor at this time must acquire the knowledge about dispute resolving tools. Initiate process of dispute resolve mechanism as per Contract Copy which is signed before starting the work.

Contractor shall initiate as per contract Date Sheet, which is simple common process to initiate dispute under this Act, to initiate Arbitration process to be going  through written communication as per Contact Sheet   (for details refer Video & Flow Chart) .

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MP PWD Contract Data Sheet (Sample Copy)

MP PWD Arbitration Flow chart

Department of Higher Education Arbitration Case Related Law

  2. The M.P. Madhyastham Adhikaran Adhiniyam, 1983

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